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Working in Thailand

So something cool happened in your life and you found yourself smitten by the Land of Smiles and now want to make it your karmabhumi. The reasons of “falling in love” are different for different individuals. However, the real reasons why a large section of new age people from India come to the kingdom are not too far to seek.

For majority of the female populace, it happens because of their spouses who migrated to Thailand in search of better opportunities and quality of life. Normally, these are the people who have come to Thailand and are working with either the companies of Indian origin or Thai companies owned by or headed by Persons of Indian origin. Then, of course, there are people who would come here in search of business opportunities in diverse fields like gems / jewellery, textiles, and even Information Technology.

The coming of Indians to Thailand is not a recent phenomenon although the coming of new age professionals is recent and can be attributed to the rise of technology wave in India.

During the time of World War II itself a lot of Indians stayed and worked in Thailand. It is estimated that their population was 40,000 – 50,000 and they mainly included Punjabis, Guajaratis, Tamils, Bengalis and UPites.

It becomes clear that Thailand has been an attractive destination and a home away from home for thousands of Indians.

Let’s stop beating around the bush now and talk business. The big question is - How to find a job in Thailand?


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