Who is Katherine Harris?

May 26th, 2008 - 5:24 pm ICT by David M N James  

Katherine Harris Katherine Harris was born in April 5, 1957, Key West, Florida. She is married to a Swedish businessman Anders Sven Axel Ebbeson while she is from a rich background. She became a controversial politician in the United States since her pivotal role in the Florida Republican visas Democrat presidential results recount. She was subject to federal investigations over a $32,000 campaign dealing with a corrupt defense contractor and was a pillar in George Bush campaigns and an ideologist opposed to drilling of oil in Florida. The recount is termed controversial; however the outcome was unchallenged after an exhibition of drive and motivation by the legal and political teams from both the Democrats and Republican side. The outcome went unchallenged based on Al Gores legal advisor Ron Klains skill and leadership and motivation.

Democratic Party strategist Ron Klain was a controversial and key figure based on his verbal utterances in a conversation with Democrat team mate and Al Gores field operative Michael Whouley. Ron confessed he didn’t like Al Gore, subsequently; he was demoted from his position. Katherine won the day for Bush while Al Gore top advisors like Warren Christopher caved in under the pressure of relentless Katherine who played the role of lead counsel. Warren was vocal in his assertions that the Democrats had hit the jack pot in Florida but the influence and suppositions laid bare by Harris as well as the machinations of the Republicans within the recount juncture dimmed Warren Christopher’s loud usurpations.

Katherine Harris role in the recount and the George Bush win raises brows within the context of the film the ‘Recount’ since she was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida’s 13th district. Katherine is not in Washington, but her influence isn’t still in Capitol Hill where her two former aides are powerful lobbyists. Her involvement in the recount was an optimism lesson to Warren Christopher the then secretary of state. Warren was a key figure in the recount and like Klain he was throwing in the towel and conceding defeat. Katherine was the Florida state secretary of state and an effective one with immense power and political clout.

James Baker was a shot in the arm for Katherine. He advised the Democrats to drop their drop their lawsuits and accepts the Florida recount. Warren Christopher disagreed openly with Baker advice stating the democrats had won. Katherine made the announcement and Bush had a 300vote margin ahead of Al Gore at 5pm. Though Christopher and David Boies had warned the Bush team of partying prematurely, Katherine Harris announced that Bush had won after she dismissed the late recounts by noon. Katherine remains one of the most interesting politicians in the States after her immense support and lack of support from the Republicans.

Apart from a career in politics which has brought to the media attention, she was involved in various scandals including the MZM and Riscorp. She is still a powerful political weight in the Florida state.

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