Victory For Medical Marijuana Advocates, Pot Now Legal In DC

May 5th, 2010 - 2:07 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

May 4 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The DC has voted unanimously in favor of medical marijuana use for the second time. A preliminary voting took place on April 20. What this means is that the bill will now go to the mayor of DC, Adrian Fenty, so that he can sign it. An amendment which was added successfully before the bill went through will obviously make some citizens much happier than any amendment which could have been made to Obama’s Health Care Bill, and most likely will be much healthier for those it benefits as well.

The new amendment allows for those patients who have been issued prescriptions for medical marijuana by their doctors to carry up to four ounces at a time, instead of the two ounces at a time that was previously stated. It also will increase the amount allowed each patient to four ounces each month from the two ounces, only if the mayor agrees that such an increase is warranted. Two other amendments were turned down, which were offered by Ward 1’s Jim Graham (D). The first would have made it legal for people to see doctors in Maryland or Virginia in order to have their pot prescriptions filled for the District of Columbia. The bill instead only allows those doctors which are within DC limits to prescribe marijuana. The other amendment of Graham’s that was rejected would have made new civil protections for patients who have prescriptions for medical marijuana.

There will now legally be between five and eight new medical weed distribution centers which will open inside the DC area. They are not allowed to be located within 300 feet of any school or youth center. No one is allowed to grow marijuana in their home, it must be prescribed. This is not the first time that the subject of medical weed has come before the DC voters. They approved a referendum legalizing it over 11 years ago, but at that time Congress prevented it from being made into law until now.

This is one more victory for those people who could benefit from the use of marijuana. Although I do not advocate drug use, I have seen Veterans who have served their country be given over 15 prescription pills a day to take for various symptoms such as depression, nerve issues, back pain, and leg pains from injuries sustained in the military, nausea and lack of appetite,headache, inability to sleep, etc. All of those pills, and there dangerous side effects could be wiped away with the use of one ‘natural remedy’- marijuana. Pot use for just anyone on the street can definitely be very detrimental, however those people who are taking so many pills make their argument for the legalization for medical reasons much simpler than anyone who does not need the drug could ever explain, “Why have to take so many chemical pills when a natural remedy works so well?” Should people like this be considered criminals? A veteran activist Dana Beal puts it simply, “Criminalizing millions of people - nearly 10 percent of the total US population for smoking a plant is ridiculous” he says.

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