US Celebrates Flag Day

June 14th, 2009 - 9:13 pm ICT by GD  

President Barack Obama says that Americans should proudly celebrate today as it is Flag Day, and also says Americans should demonstrate their pride and honor the Old Glory by flying it wherever possible. He has extended the observance of the national Flag Day by proclaiming the coming week as national Flag Week.

By the order of the president, flags will be flying on all federal buildings during this week. Obama has also appealed to all Americans to honor the Star and Stripes by flying it at their homes and other suitable places. He has also on Americans to observe the days between June 14 and Independence Day as a celebration of the nation’s heritage, by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at public gatherings.

In the formal proclamation declaring the Flag Day the president wrote: The flag is still more than a historical symbol: it is part of our culture. In our schools children pledge allegiance to our flag and recite the ideals upon which our Nation was founded. Families sit on their front porches under a billowing Stars and Stripes. And each day as the flag is raised above military installations and government buildings, we are reminded of the great sacrifices that have been made in defense of our Nation.

The US Army will also be celebrating its 234th Birthday on Flag Day. The Army is the nation’s oldest uniformed service and was formed on this day in 1775, a year before the United States of America became an independent nation. This week in all will be a patriotic week for the Americans. The President hopes that they will take this time to re-acquaint themselves with the past history of the nation. Flag day commemorates 14th June, 1777, when the United States Flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. Since then there have been 26 versions of the flag, the last one being in 1960 when Hawaii was admitted as a state. The idea of a special day to celebrate the flag may have originated on June 14, 1885, when a Wisconsin schoolteacher organized an observance of the flag’s birthday. A New York teacher organized a similar observance four years later.

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