The right punishment for Jessie Dotson

May 15th, 2009 - 7:55 pm ICT by GD  

Jessie Dotson the person held responsible for the Lester Street killings, where he was accused of killing half a dozen people that included his own brother and two of his nephews appeared before the court and pleaded not guilty after nine months.

Apart from the Lester Street murders, Jessie Dotson is also charged with three counts of attempted first degree murder.

After being held responsible and charged for such atrocious crimes, one cannot help wondering on the kind of defense that Dotson’s attorneys will put up to bail him out. They could build a defense that rests on the grounds of the defendant suffering from momentary insanity. But whichever way they choose, getting Dotson out of this deep hole of a spot seems impossible.

Moreover, the whole nation also saw and heard his confession which was aired in “The First 48″. During the Lester massacre, Dotson was identified by one of his nephews Dotson as the attacker. With so much evidence against him, there is no way that he will go unpunished.

There is no way that Jessie Dotson will be acquitted for what he has done and one feels that when it comes to his sentencing, he will not be dealt with leniently. One often hears saying that the guilty should be rightly punished or that the guilty should not go unpunished, but it makes one think that what kind of punishment will justify for the crimes that he has committed? What sort of punishment will be able to shed a comforting balm to the hearts of bereaved?

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