The Nikki Catsouras Fiasco

May 3rd, 2009 - 3:20 am ICT by GD  

How morbid have people become in today’s so called urbanized modern world? The Nikki Catsouras event only proves in the insensitiveness of people. It is known to all how, after Nikki’s death in a terrifying accident, her father was sent a gruesome email, containing her death images. To add to it the subject of the mail screamed, “Woohoo, Dad, I’m still alive”.

Not surprisingly Nikki’s parents were horrified and they rightly sued both the police officers who had irresponsibly leaked the gruesome images on the internet. At that point of however, surprisingly enough, the court had dismissed the case. Jessica Bennett, Newsweek correspondent writes, “From the beginning, Nikki’s death had all the makings of a sensational story. She was gorgeous; it was Halloween, and she was driving a $90,000 sports car.”

However that does hardly explain that why the nine leaked photographs of the accident scene should become a morbid and twisted phenomenon on the net? What could have made any person to go to such lengths as tp email the father of an accident victim the gruesome pictures of his daughter?

California Highway Patrol of course apologized that the pictures had been leaked. Afterall their staff were to blame. One CHP police’s attorney is supposed to have said that the images had only been sent to a relative as a warning, as a “cautionary tale”: “Any young person that sees these photos and is goaded into driving more cautiously or less recklessly-that’s a public service.” It is highly debatable whether that argument can stand.

However what is a fact is that these pictures began to show up in websites that deal in morbid stuff. Moreover A fake page was also set up on MySpace. It called her a “stupid bitch.” Commenters were insensitive enough to write stuff like, “That spoiled rich girl deserved it,” and “What a waste of a Porsche.”

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