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Oct 2, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): The Mothman, a creature that has been in the minds of humans ever since it was sighted in the 1960’s in the area of West Virginia, has yet again become a centre of attention, probably due to the forth coming Halloween night, which is all about the spooky and the unrealistic world.

The moth man has been described as a creature with large wings and eyes, some even saying that it had no head with eyes on its chest. The sightings have been reported from Charleston and the Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia in the United States.

The word mothman was first used by an Ohio newspaper, right after the fresh stories of the creature started floating around.

It is a matter of great concern to those who still choose to believe in the existence of the weird creature, and those who are absolute skeptics. Earlier reports say that a group of men at a burial service saw a large creature with wings swooping down, and disappearing in the nearby region. There were other reports too from the same area.

Amongst others, there were two couples in the West Virginia area on a dark night, when suddenly as they parked near Scarberry’s parking area; they saw a strange creature towards an abandoned area of a factory which was functional during the World War II days.

Reports suggest that these foursome went on to say that they saw a creature that looked like a large animal, with a figure more like that of a human, with large Red eyes, and some even confused it by saying that the eyes were on the creatures chest. They described it as having large wings which were about six and a half to seven feet high on their backs.

Further reports suggest that as they chased the creature, it ran parallel to their car even at 100 miles per hour speed. Thereafter, there have been several other reports of sightings at least by 50 other people, in the same area.

According to the report Keel Mothman Prophecies, the movie has all the sightings in it, which continued from 12th November 1966 to December 1967.The movie can be downloaded from and

However, there have been reports of the creature merely being an imaginative creation, some even calling it a UFO sighting, due to the optical illusion of flashlights, owing to the Red color sightings, and also theories about it being the Sand hill crane, rampant in those days, which was large, with a wing spread of 7 feet, and 39inches in length, have been circulating Some have even termed it as being an owl, or a white and an Albino Owl. There are suggestions and theories catering to many points of views, but no confirmed reports have been established regarding the mothman’s actual existence. What do you think? Can it be real?

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