The Latest Code Of Conduct Of The Taliban Desires To Gain The Support Of The Ordinary Afghans

August 4th, 2010 - 8:26 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

Afghanistan Violence August 4, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): A restructured code of conduct of the terroristic Taliban in Afghanistan has recommended its combatants to steer clear of liquidating innocent Afghan nationals. The code of conduct has prohibited the Taliban’s combatants from capturing armaments and cash by force from civilians. This is a decree from the Taliban that is zoomed in on acquiring the hearts and psyches of the ordinary Afghans. These Afghans are also being wooed by the global military in Afghanistan.

But the code of conduct, printed in a brochure of 69 pages, has elucidated that the common Afghans stop assisting the worldwide military there and also the Afghan government. Those Afghans, who back the Afghan administration and the international military, would be categorized as devotees of the infidels and can be slaughtered.

One of the powerful chiefs of the Taliban happens to be Mullah Mohammad Omar. He had adopted a similarly belligerent position in his commands to the Taliban’s insurgents in early June. The NATO’s services have voiced that these commands were caught by them then. Mullah Omar had advised the combatants to exterminate anyone functioning in association with the global forces or the Afghan government.

The Taliban commenced to circulate its fresh code of conduct in southern Afghanistan 8-10 days back. NATO’s top commanding officer in Afghanistan happens to be Gen. David Petraeus. He too has discharged instructions that recommend the troops of NATO to steer clear of civilian targets.

The 69-page brochure has elucidated that the Taliban should deal with the blameless Afghan civilians in keeping with Mohammedan rules and ethics in order to gain the support of the Afghan people. This brochure has been possessed by the Associated Press in the border city of Spin Boldak. The brochure has dictated that all kinds of endeavors must be executed by the Taliban to stay away from damaging civilians in assaults against the international military.

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