The Heartsong Murder still reverberates

April 17th, 2009 - 3:22 pm ICT by David M N James  

Bob Heartsong loved the woman who he saw and loved instantly in 1973. This was not only a different kind of an encounter, but a rare one. He was only 29 in 1973 when he met this wild beauty. The beauty was an incredibly beautiful woman who just popped at his door and asked if she could park her car. Bob Echart said yes and invited her in his house. They had a length talk, which lasted almost the entire night..

According to Bob Heartsong ‘We just found so much in common, so much spiritually– we found in– in each other’ Seven months after this encounter, the got married. It was September 26, 2000. Bob got up at the usual time, went to work in the usual way, a pool installation in Del Ray beach, about 40 minutes from their home in Jupiter. Toni went to the grocery store, and then to the bank. They had arranged to meet around 3 pm at a Del Ray auto dealership. They were buying a car, he made there at 3. Toni had not yet arrived. He tried calling her but there was no answer.

It was 5:00 p.m. when Bob Heartsong parked outside his house and walked past the carefully landscaped greenery to his side door. Moreover, that was the moment. Imprinted now on his brain. There she was. He found her lying on the transom of the door. In addition, I look he was in shock. Bob and Toni Heartsong were flower children once. Free spirits, two souls locked in eternal embrace. Then in parenthood and in business. One September day in the year 2000, Bob came home to find his wife’s cold body crumpled on the floor at the side entrance to their fine suburban home. She was covered in blood, she had been brutally beaten.

Particularly around those eyes of hers, the eyes that had so captivated young Bob Eckhart at the entrance to that mansion more than 26 years earlier. Police examined and started an investigation. he chair was turned over by the front door and her toenail was by the front door. In addition, there was a swipe of blood on that deadbolt which means she was trying to get out that front door at one point.

She had finally died, trying to escape through her side door. But of course Bob had to be there if indeed he killed his wife, and it appeared he was nowhere near, he had an alibi. Toni had been murdered sometime early to mid-afternoon. But Bob’s employees told police he was there with them, a 40-minute drive away, till after 2:30. At 3:00, he was at the Del Ray car dealer’s. Besides, some of the evidence at the crime scene seemed to indicate somebody else was there. Was that somebody the murderer?

From the onset, police suspected that Bob was behind the murder. In fact, they once called him during the time he was intending to remarry a woman he met online and told him they had new evidence abut the murder of Tina. The officer who called told him that he would be back in two days or so with his arrest warrant. Bob was arrested and put in jail allegedly for flying into rage and killing his wife. According to a cellmate, there were problems in the marriage. Tina did not want a divorce nor did she want the idea of a business partner with Bob. Bob was having a crisis with his business.

Apart from the blood on the dead woman fingernail, there was also another substance, maybe sweat found in the room where Tina was murdered. After prosecution, a neighbor stood to testify against Bob. She said she did hear Toni and Bo argue back in 2000. However, most of these evidences did not convince the judge to prosecute and sentence Bob Heartsong. The police DNA tests was also trashed since nothing was enough to prove it was bob that killed his wife. Apparently, there was no tangible reason as to why he did so.

The fact that Bob was released did not go down well with the investigators. Worse, it eventually emerged, someone had killed the hippie lad Toni. Who was it and why he killed is still a mystery. Nevertheless, in a way killers and wrong doers always pay for what they’ve done. In practical terms, the cost to the Heartsong family has been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention imprisonment while waiting for trial: He lost his career, business, time… moreover, emotionally. Well. He is a spiritual man, he says.

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