The green river killer

June 4th, 2008 - 11:05 pm ICT by David M N James  

The Green River Killer case in the Pacific Northwest was an intrigue and a cranky case. It could make an award winning serial killer movie and star demure characters like the iconic Helen Remus. Among those who qualify for this is Ted Bundy who is to remains America’s most feared serial killers just like the green river killer. Bundy was an academician and had a prolific academic career through which he got a bachelor’s degree in psychology and two years of law school. Ted Bundy makes the perfect green river serial killer in the trailers where he stars as a kidnapper who’s is as cold blooded as a crocodile. Ted Bundy kidnapped and cold bloodedly murdered and mutilated dozens of women. The epics made the Ted such a murderer that he was enigmatic and too psychopathic to bear.

Green River Killer case in the Pacific Northwest has become a sensational four hour movies ‘the capture of the Green River Killer’ The amateurish thriller ever so loosely inspired by the case of Gary Ridgeway, Washington state’s real-life “Green River killer. The movie is a projection of Bundy’d cold blooded mind but coo and aloof person who was not in hurry to capture the victims until he was sure it was ok to do so.

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