The Governor Of Utah Launches A Probe Into The Embarrassing ‘Listgate’

July 21st, 2010 - 9:08 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

July 21, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): The Governor of the American state of Utah happens to be Gary Herbert. He has now commanded an inquiry into whether the bureaucrats of Utah assisted the emailing, of a catalog of suspected criminal immigrants in Utah, to the powers that be of the Utah state.

The abovementioned catalog consists of 1300 individuals. These individuals have had to encounter accusations of being unlawful immigrants. The catalog was emailed on Monday to the police force, the Utah House and Senate, and to numerous media organizations. This data was revealed by The Salt Lake Tribune.

The spokesperson of Herbert happens to be Angie Welling. She has voiced that the Governor has instructed a number of state bureaus to have a look at whether any person employed by the state unsuitably got in touch with authorized computer records.

Welling has mentioned that any sort of corroboration of illegal behavior or discharge of personal data, if exposed, will be turned over to the Attorney General’s place of work.

It is against the law in Utah to make known governmental facts not destined for publication. Deliberately discharging a private record in Utah is an offense carrying a punishment of up to six months in prison and an economic penalty of $1,000. If the record was pilfered, the misdeed could be put on trial as a felony and brings a sentence of up to five years in a penal complex along with a monetary penalty of $5,000.

The abovementioned catalog of persons suspected of being in America and Utah illicitly also consisted of locations, birth date and telephone numbers. In 31 cases, even social security figures were there. This was the data disclosed by the Salt Lake Tribune. The catalog was also littered with the names and date of birth of 201 kids.

The newspaper also remarked that almost all the surnames suspected of being dishonest immigrants were Hispanic.

Immigration specialists have articulated that the abovementioned list episode, labeled ‘Listgate’, emphasizes the actuality that anti-immigration entities in America are more animated these days. They have managed to make local and state administrations adopt a much more belligerent attitude toward illicit immigrants. Almost 200 immigration-related legislations were ratified by the state and local elected representatives between 2007 and 2009 in 40 American states. These legislations ranged from police and company authentication to classification and licenses.

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