The Fishers: The Longest-Married Couple

March 10th, 2010 - 8:50 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

Longest-Married Couple Fisher Mar 10 (Pen Men at Work): Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, who belong to New Bern, North Carolina, possess the world record for the longest existence in matrimonial enjoyment. Their marriage has reached 85 years. He is a mammoth 104 years old and she, 101 years old. The news seems dreamlike, doesn’t it?. But it is an incontrovertible actuality. They can express gratitude to their granddaughter, Iris Godette, for receiving the recognition. She put forward the information to the Guinness Book of Records. The statistics were actually corroborated by Guinness and a certificate was bequeathed to the couple.

On their connubial anniversary, which falls on May 13 this year, they will enter a ‘cream of the crop’ association: the lengthiest marriages on record. We must go back more than 200 years if we wish to unearth facts about the other couple wedded for 86 years.

Around the 10th anniversary of the Fishers, the daily domestic machine, the vacuum cleaner, arrived on the scene. When they partied on their 25th wedding anniversary, the song, ‘Patti Page- Doggie In The Window’ was a success. When they observed their 50th marital anniversary, the icon, ‘the Yellow Smiley Face’ was ubiquitous. When their conjugal relationship touched a whopping 75 years, the Americans had become addicted to the reality program, Survivor.

The Fishers tried their hand in social media for Valentine’s Day the previous month by twittering the reasons that have been responsible for their lengthy and flourishing marriage. Zelmyra Fisher manages herself with a walker, and Herbert is a passionate admirer of the sport of baseball, especially the Atlanta Braves. He also gets pleasure from golf. They believe that their matrimonial accomplishment is on account of their faith in divinity and an affectionate family.

The Fishers still possess fondness, affection and respect for each other. Herbert’s ability to hear is steadily deteriorating but his psyche is active and functioning. They, even now, depend on each other for protection, supervision and warmth. They realize the importance of each other. Zelmyra describes that her husband was the sole boyfriend she had and that he was not mean and overly aggressive. His sweetness pulled her towards him. Herbert mentions that he and his wife have always lead a pious existence and have frequently visited the church to express their reverence for the Almighty.

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