The Bunker Hill Day Celebration

June 17th, 2009 - 11:15 pm ICT by GD  

Bunker Hill Day Today, June 17, is the Bunker Hill Day. Though a lot of negative thoughts and feelings have circulated regarding the whole concept of the ‘holiday’, it will still be a celebrated event. Even with all the negative publicity surrounding the holiday, it is one of those days that is till worth remembering.

The Battle of the Bunker Hill was held in the Suffolk county. On April 19, 1775, the fight occurred at Lexington and Concord. Post the British raid, a large number of colonial militia had gathered outside of Boston. They had seiged the city and held strong over it. In the last hours of June 13, American troops occupied the Breed’s Hill, the northeast frontier of Boston, which is separated by a large water body.

When the Colonial forces were discovered by the British on the side of the hill, they set out for an attack. Some of the British leaders had suggested that they lay an attack strategy that would cut off the American army from the rear, to hold an advantage over them. However, in the following commotion, it was not exactly followed to perfection.

A frontal attack was therefore launched at the command of the British commander General William Howe. The British had suffered a devastating amount of casualties due to the decision of the frontal attack strategy. The number had reached a staggering 1000, which was a direct cause of the mis planning of the whole battle plan.

It was only when the Americans had run out of their ammunition, that the British could capture back the frontier and lay claim over it.

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