Thaddeus Jimenez exonerated after serving term for wrong conviction

May 6th, 2009 - 3:34 am ICT by GD  

In one of the strangest cases of delayed justice, a cook County judge has exonerated a man who was convicted of a crime that he had never committed. Justice came to him when the real criminal was identified. Thaddeus Jimenez is the man who had been wrongly punished with 50-years sentence for shooting Eric Morro, 19, on Feb. 13, 1993. At that point of time Jimenez was only 13. Till date he has already spent 16 years of his most precious phase of his life because of false allegations and delayed justice.

The suspected shooter who had shot Eric Morro dead has been identified as Juan Carlos Torres, 30, of Indiana. The exoneration of Jimenez was preceded by the arrest of Torres. In a taped interrogation Torres confessed that he had shot Morro and this helped Jimenez’s lawyers to ask the judge to review the conviction and to vacate it.

Thaddeus Jimenez was convicted because one of his companions had falsely testified against him that he had shot Morro. However, there were certain findings from a study by the Northwestern University Center about wrongful convictions in 2005, where two witnesses made recantations. This led to the reviewing of Thaddeus Jimenez’s case.

At a press conference, on the 4th of May, Jimenez revealed that he was able to endure whatever he went through because of the support he received from his mother. He is now 30 and “happy to be alive today after spending a little over 16 years in the Department of Corrections.”

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