Texas Nationalist Movement: Still In Much Debate

June 24th, 2009 - 6:09 pm ICT by GD  

Texas Nationalist Movement With a country of about 50 states and comprising of multicultural people, tendencies of curving out independent states is nothing beyond doubt and exactly that has happened for Texas. This Texas Nationalist movement started around the later half of the 1900 by McLaren who researched that Texas was originally a captive nation during the American Civil War 1865.

Since then their motto claims that Texas has been illegally annexed with America and thus has rights of becoming an independent nation. Presently comprising of nearly 250000 members officially enlisted in their interactive website (www.texasnationalist.com).

It seems that the followers have gained quite a lot of support. Though they increased in volume due to donations, selling of items such as republic of Texas Passports, the Movement came under debate as it gradually said to be involved with terrorist activities and violence with even cases of Texas Governor Ricky Peck’s associations with the movement group. The Governor in an interview on Glenn Beck’s show has said that Texas may have to be seceded from American nation due to too much Central government’s interference. Surprisingly Glenn Beck, who is a popular American Conservative Radio and Television host, has supported the Movement. The latest buzz is regarding today’s show where the president of the Texas nationalist movement, Daniel miller will be the guest and which will come in Fox News Channel.

Under Miller’s able leadership, the movement has become more collected, mainstream oriented now. With ambiguities regarding the legal rights of whether Texas be made independent, anticipations over Miller’s perspective and future plans regarding the Texas Movement has really soared high.

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