Tea Party Protest

July 5th, 2009 - 6:31 pm ICT by GD  

tea-partyApart from the glitz and glamor of the spectacular fireworks to celebrate the Independence day in America, this day is also marked from now onwards as the official day for the tea party protest. Fashioned on the Boston tea party, around 2000 people took to the street in Morristown to observe this day which is actually called the anti-taxation protest.

The Morristown Green has been a historical place where protests were held during the time of the Revolution war. The residents instead of enjoying their weekend on the beach chose to meet up at the place and join in the protest against the rise of tax and the demand for a smaller government.

“America’s no longer free” and “save our constitution” was the call of the protesters who came in some wearing tea bag designed accessories.

The protest rally was also organized in the Southfork Ranch where it was estimated that around 50,000 people may turn up. But owing to the excessively hot weather, many choose to stay indoors, thus many the event not so happening as expected. On the other hand, Norwick, Connecticut witnessed an average turnout of the people, where about 500 people turned to join the protest rally on Chelsea Parade.

The protest issues on the above places were mainly increase in tax, blaming the Obama government for overspending as well health care issues.

In Oklahama capital, hundreds of protesters held signs regarding the same issues with the inclusion of the issue on illegal immigration.

The tea party protest started on April 15 this year where where a huge number of people gathered to vent their frustration over the major issues concerning the Americans.

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