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June 17th, 2009 - 10:45 pm ICT by GD  

Statue Of Liberty Before we talk about the Statue of Liberty Garment, lets get acquainted to the statue of Liberty at first. A very famous statue visited by millions all over the world, the statue was sculpted from copper in the year 1886 in France and was gifted to America by France.

Little bit about the dimensions of the statue. So to speak the statue is 111 feet tall, 35 feet at the waist, 90 feet wide at the shoulders, and 17 feet vertically at the head. The statue occupies 2000 square yards of area and therefore requires 2 layers of drapery, which comes to 4000 square yards of fabric.

The robe like dress the statue is wearing is called a “stola” but it is quite unusual that New York, the Fashion Capital of USA, still has an old fashioned statue standing upright. If you compare between old statues and pictures from the Roman mythology era, you will notice that their clothes is similar to what Lady Liberty is wearing. The long tunic with the thorn like crown. It is said that there is no specific reason as to why Bartholdi chose this style of dressing, perhaps he wanted to express the timeless nature of Lady Liberty with the garment she had been made to wear.

The Statue of Liberty Garment is made of copper and over the years it has gathered a green patina which makes it all the more attractive.

With the Statue of Liberty Garment generating more search, the curiosity behind the search is still unknown. Whatever the reason might be, it is just fitting that this magnificent statue gains popularity all over again.

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