Showdown at the seas of Somalia over T-72 tanks as US and Russian ships surround pirates

September 29th, 2008 - 8:02 pm ICT by David M N James  

Russian naval ship loaded with commandos has approached the Somali waters and continued to go for the hijacked Ukrainian career MV Faina. Faina is packed with ammunition, rockets, armored vehicles spare parts and Russian made T-72 tanks. Another warship, loaded with Special Forces is within six kilometers of the hijacked ship. This is an American carrier which also poised to bust the pirates and seize the ship.

MV Faina was hijacked on Thursday night by Somali pirates who have been given help by Islamic insurgents in Somalia who work under the hand of Al- Qaeda. Another ship, a Kenyan warship loaded with a batch of special units has also approached the Somali waters in what seems to be a showdown with 100 pirates who are now in possession of the ship.

A crew member died of a fever, according to the captain of the ship yesterday. A ransom of $5million has been placed as the current bid and if its not paid, the pirates will blow the ship or kill the crew which is mainly Ukrainian and Russian and a Latvian.

Controversy still reigns on the actual owner of the arms. Media reports have pointed out that the arms belong to Kenyan army, though the genuine destination of the arms was Southern Sudan which has been banned from acquiring arms since they have been used in killing people in Darfur region. Kenyan authorities have been quoted saying that the arms belonged to its army besides a transaction with a Ukrainian arms company has been confirmed and the actual buyer of the arms is the Kenyan government. This then leads on to questions on how the arms were on transit to Juba. Obviously, Juba has been sourcing arms through the Kenyan state as a decoy.

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