Snollygoster- Deep thinking

June 20th, 2009 - 3:38 am ICT by GD  

Snollygoster If you think politicians are shrewd then the best word to describe them is “Snollygoster“. Surprisingly the word Snollygoster is a noun that describes a monster who eats children. The attitude of politicians of these days is quite similar as that of being men without any principles. They only wait for the vote to be casted to them and later they do not show any inclination towards helping the general public instead aim in attaining and increasing their personal wealth.

What could be a better example of an immoral person other than the politicians of today. Though the term has lost its usage but the fast growing word of US in the 19th century still holds its being. Thanks to our politicians who have not allowed the word to lose its presence. They have indeed kept the word alive.

Infact, you would be amazed to know that Snollugoster was a mythological and huge reptilian bird of Maryland, who used to pounce on the slaves and snatch the kids. That was considered as a gesture to frighten the slaves who did not vote.

Another fact about this word is the President Truman had used the word Snollygoster back in 1952 and now its hardly used, people probably don’t even know about it.

Though several dictionaries have several interpretations of the word Snollygoster, yet the meaning derived out of all of them is that of a man who is self indulged and is not concerned about the effects his crooked ways have on others.

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