Record low San Diego elections

June 4th, 2008 - 7:41 pm ICT by David M N James  

According to the San Diego County registrar of voters Mr. Weir, the latest San Diego primaries indicate record low in the predominantly republican city. According to the election results, the turn out was the lowest and the numbers of the San Diego electorate were at a record low breaking the 2006 33.6% voter turn out. This year’s primaries in the California state recorded as low as 10% voter turn out which almost killed the need for the primary.

There were, within the California election serious discussion and voting in preference to these local issues and races which included the races in San Diego and Sacramento.

In the San Diego primary election results, the mayoral contest was very tight with the Mayor, Jerry Sanders who has been slated by his rival as ‘unfocused and tentative’ who is seeking a second term, leads with a slim margin over businessman Steve Francis. The incumbent has reduced the San Diego city’s payroll and hard-bargained city labor unions to accepting cutbacks.

In the Orange County, the election results show that voters decided to sit out a slate of largely ho-hum races. Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen was poised for reelection Sacramento was tightly contested. The Sacramento election results indicate that the former NBA star Kevin Johnson made it through slimly hence forcing a runoff with him taking 47% and Heather Fargo’s 40%

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