Peterson of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s view on America’s health care systems

June 2nd, 2009 - 9:38 pm ICT by GD  

With a new President on board who sincerely wants to expand health care access with a broad, bipartisan vote, people from all the world over want to put across their ideas and thoughts on how the President can go about expanding health care systems.

Recently, Peterson of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation wrote, “America’s health care system needs fixing, but the administration has got the steps out of sequence, in my view… The president is advocating expanding health care coverage before we have proven our ability to control health care costs and before we make a significant down payment on the federal government’s tens of trillions of dollars in current unfunded health care promises, notably from Medicare.”

According to Peterson, reforming the health care system will surely culminate in a staggering debt that will be far more than any other debt in the American history and hence may pose more dangerous threats. Peterson is of the opinion that, “Instead, America must get its fiscal house in order, and then and only then, tackle health care reform. To do so, we need a “fiscal future commission” to map entitlement and budget-control reforms.”

Peter G. Peterson Foundation was founded by senior chairman and the founder of The Blackstone Group, Peter G. Peterson in 2008. The foundation supports and is dedicated to increase the level of public awareness. In recent times the foundation has devoted most of its time and efforts to the integral issues that threaten America’s financial future.

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