Pelosi will be the next Catherine Harris if Clinton supporters go up in arms in July zero convection

May 30th, 2008 - 11:14 pm ICT by David M N James  

Nancy PelosiThe Democrats will get another Catherine Harris if they fail to settle on a candidate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s vowed yesterday that she will settle the Democratic presidential contest is not settled by end June.

This has raised a storm in the Women Count PAC, which supports Clinton. This was declared undemocratic and the Clinton supporters say it has never happened in the history of the democrats has such a sham happened. “She has no right as a leader of this party to say the party has to make a decision before the convention. That’s what the convention was created to do. … I don’t want Nancy Pelosi telling me who my nominee is.” Allida Black said.

Pelosi responded with a mundane but stinging reply saying “God bless their enthusiasm. These women are fabulous, and I know many of them very well.” But, while “we all want to see a woman president … they want me to be the chair of the convention, who is neutral. And yet they want me to be for Hillary Clinton.”

However Pelosi’s statement was orchestrated since they were echoed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has pointed out that Pelosi and party chairman Howard Dean have agreed the nomination race wont reach the convention stage and that will end some days after June.

Pelosi vowed to step in which will make her take up the role Catherine Harris took in the Florida recount giving George Bush a win, this time, this Harris aka will be declaring who’s who in the democrats rut, and that’s in July.

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