Paralyzed and Pregnant Michelle Carston Gives Birth

April 13th, 2009 - 10:08 pm ICT by GD  

Michelle Carston, 36, a quadriplegic woman gave birth naturally to a healthy baby boy at a Florida hospital. Pierce Michael Carston is now being hailed as miracle baby and that his true miracle is that his mother was around to give birth to him. Sixteen years ago Michelle Carston had discussed marriage with her boyfriend and in her elation she drove off a pier not knowing how shallow the water was. That was the last time she could move and she aid, “I died. The old me died in ‘93. The way I used to be.” She broke her fifth cervical vertebrae as her life went topsy turvy and her boyfriend dumped her. But she holds no ill-feeling aginst him and said, “I couldn’t blame him. There were times I didn’t want to deal with me, so if you don’t want to deal with me, that’s completely understandable. But you have that option. I don’t.”

Michelle said that her depression even drove her to attempt suicide, “I rolled up to the counter where the knife block was, grabbed a knife, put it in my mouth and was ready to slice it but a friend came in and stopped me, thank goodness, ” because after that the depression went away. he sent her photo to a dozen online dating services hoping to get a second chance at living again and then met Peter Carston. She still seems dreamy when asked to talk about him and she says, “Wow, somebody loves me for me and not just my nice wheels.”

They married and then she conceived baby Pierce naturally in a rare situation for a quadruplegic mom. Baby Pierce is now healthy and his mom said, “It was so surreal and happened so quickly.”

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