Oldest leather shoe found in a cave in Armenia

June 10th, 2010 - 11:14 pm ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

The oldest leather shoe has been found in the caves of Armenia. The shoe is estimated to be around 5,500 years old. When it was discovered, then the onlookers were shocked to see that it was well preserved as well.

The shoe is made of a single piece of leather. And the other astonishing thing about the shoe is that it can be laced on the front and the back as well. With this capability, the shoe can possibly fit a number of people, who have similar feet sizes.

The shoe was discovered in a cave, that also had other things that showed that thousands of years ago, some humans used to live there. The oldest leather shoe in the world was also found to be stuffed with grass, which might have been a very big reason in maintaining the shape of the shoe.

“This is great luck. We normally only find broken pots, but we have very little information about the day-to-day activity of these ancient people. “What did they eat? What did they do? What did they wear? This is a chance to see this … it gives us a real glimpse into society,” according to archaeologist Ron Pinhasi, who belongs to the University College Cork, and who was responsible for leading the research team, which found the shoe.

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