Nikki Catsouras Decapitated:But Why cant we leave her family in peace?

May 8th, 2009 - 2:28 am ICT by GD  

Three years ago when Nikki forcibly left her home in her father’s sports car, she could not have had the judgement to realise that the
consequences would have been fatal. Nikki’s car crashed into a Honda and the terrible accident not only killed her but almost decapitated her body. That however was hardly the end of troubles for her family.

Other than having to copre with the shock of the death of their teenaged daughter, Nikki’s family had a lawsuit filed against them by
the family of the man driving the Honda. But what was the worst was how Nikki’s death became a search item on the internet. There is nothing new to the news that Nikki’s father received an email which screamed “Whoohoo Daddy! Hey Daddy, I’m still alive.”

Why repeat the story then? No, this is not about retelling Nikki’s sad story. Its about how the internet has made it so easy for anyone, or rather everyone to intrude into our lives. Whatever happened to Nikki, is it not strange that how it has become a hot internet item?

Thousands of images of the crash site and Nikki’s almost decapitated body are to be found on the internet. Does no one ever spare a thought for the girl’s parents? It has been known that Nikki had been undergoing therapy for her uncontrollable moods. Whether or not the accident was a result of one such moment of rage, we do not know. But for seemingly normal people would it not be better that thay would learn to respect the privacy of others, especially in such tragic situations?

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