Niagara Wisconsin shooting rouses crime memories in America

August 1st, 2008 - 11:33 pm ICT by David M N James  

Even before the Church shooting saga has been resolved, a new shooting has taken place in the United States.

This time, the police are not wasting time trying to establish the motives, the suspect of the Niagara Wisconsin shooting is now in custody. The shooting claimed three lives according to the school sources. However the arrest was a shot in the arm to the families of the dead.

Information from Niagara High School reports that a suspect has been taken into custody. The male suspect was armed and dressed in camouflage during the arrest.

The shooting is a shocking development to the schools security.

America seems to be drawn into a cyclone of violent crimes and most of which teenage students are going for each other without very concrete reasons.

A Sunday shooting in a church shocked the religious Diaspora of America.

The Niagara shooting suspects name has not been released so far. The Police have ascertained that the Suspect is now in custody of Marinette County Sheriff’s Department and he is to be taken to a county jail.

The suspect is being described as a white male, 30-50 years, grey or blonde hair armed with assault rifle. He attacked a group of 9 youths who were gathered near East Kingsford bridge, 3 miles west of Niagara.

The attack has roused fears that stray gunmen will continue wrecking havoc across America.

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