Neda Agha Sultan Video Still All Over Net

June 23rd, 2009 - 10:02 pm ICT by GD  

Neda Video The Neda Agha Sultan tragedy is still not getting wiped off the minds of people. Netizens have cried in anger against the atrocities that people are facing in the turbulent situation in Iran. It is sheer violation of human rights that have got people around the world talking. In a democratic society, this sort of a happening is not really expected. Since the time the video showing Neda’s death hit the cyber world, people have been shocked at how a peaceful demonstration could turn so ugly in a matter of minutes. People in Iran have been protesting and demonstrating against the election results and demand a re- election.

The video of the death of Neda Agha Sultan was captured by a bystander who recorded it with a phone camera. The 2 minute clip shows the young girl tilting to the ground after being shot in the chest. The blood rushes towards her face and covers it, when she collapses on the ground. In the background her father is heard screaming, unable to help his daughter in any way and feeling helpless at his own helplessness. The doctor who had rushed to the spot to help her had later said that she was beyond help. The impact of the shot had been so great, that it had burst inside the girl’s chest, killing her immediately. Neda Agha Sultan has become the face of the Iranian protest and struggle.

Iran has allegedly banned the memorial service of young Neda, who is being termed as the nation’s Angel of Peace. The Iranian authorities have sent a circular to mosques forbidding group praying for Neda in all cases.

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