McCain narrowing the gap as millions still try to think who to elect

July 3rd, 2008 - 3:56 am ICT by David M N James  

Barrack Obama leads John McCain with 52% to 45% pundits have announced. This comes after a survey on barbecue eaters. Many still want to eat theirs with Obama while a few would join McCain for one. Obama is becoming popular as he is anti many sentiments which affect strained Black and Hispanic populace. He opposed the ant-gay marriage proposal and has pledged to opt for better diplomacy between Americans and countries like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran.

Gay rights moved to the forefront of the presidential campaign on Tuesday after Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s announcement that he opposes a November ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage in California. Obama has also embraced a core piece of President Bush’s legacy as he tries to win over Republican-leaning evangelical voters by pledging funding to evangelicals, but distances himself from some aspects of the controversial program.

Latest Gallup polls indicate that most Americans feel McCain is to pursue similar policies as George Bush while very many Americans feel the Barrack Obama will change too many of the Bush policies which is not very good. According to the poll McCain faces a challenge in trying to convince voters to allow him to follow an unpopular president of the same party. Democratic candidate Barack Obama has attempted to link McCain to Bush by saying that electing McCain would effectively lead to a “third Bush term.” Although McCain remains competitive in head-to-head matchups with Obama, the poll suggests that McCain may have more work to do to distance himself from Bus


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