Mass grave from Holocaust era found in Romania

November 6th, 2010 - 12:54 am ICT by BNO News  

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA (BNO NEWS) — A mass grave on Friday was unearthed in a forest in northeast Bucharest. The grave contains bodies of men, women and children killed during the Holocaust era.

According to the Jerusalem Post, an estimated 100 Jews were found in the mass grave. They were presumably shot dead by Romanian troops in 1941. The discovery offers further evidence of Romania’s involvement in war crimes during World War II.

The grave was located in a forest near the town of Popricani, about 350 kilometers from Bucharest, the Romanian capital. Local police forces sealed off the area in order to not allow anyone near the site as the grave is under investigation.

The finding offers evidence that contradicts the official version that the German army was the sole perpetrator of the Holocaust. The mass grave is an indication of crimes against Jewish people in Romania, such campaigns were long minimized in the eastern Europe country.

From 1940 to 1944, about 280,000 Jews and 11,000 Roma were killed during the pro-fascist regime of dictator Ion Antonescu, who was at that time Prime Minister. Antonescu was executed in1946 by the communists. Currently, there are 6,000 Jews living in Romania.

Romania’s involvement in the Holocaust has been discussed on many occasions. The country has ignored for the involvement of Romanian leaders in the war crimes. In 2004, then-President Ion Illescu assembled an international panel, led by Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel, to investigate the Holocaust in Romania.

Reports about the location of a mass grave in the outskirts of Bucharest surfaced in 2002. An short-lived investigation was launched but stopped shortly after nothing was found. In 2009, experts resumed the investigation and began interviewing witnesses.

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