Mandy Sellers: Woman Whose Legs Didn’t Stop Growing

April 13th, 2009 - 9:45 pm ICT by GD  

Svetlana Pankrtova, a Russian woman got a place in the Guiness World Records because she had the longest legs in the world for any woman. British woman Mandy Sellers also received international attention for over-sized legs.

Mandy, 33, is from Lancashire, England and suffers from a very rare disorder called Proteus syndrome. Her two legs weigh 92-98kg of a total body weight of 130 kg. Worse, her legs have not stopped growing and may require to be amputated to stop their growth.

Mandy’s upper torso is a petite size 8 and accounts for only 31.75 to 36.29 kg of her total weight. The rest of her weight is distributed in her hands and legs. Sellers says, “When I was born, there was a noticeable difference between my upper body and my lower body. They didn’t actually expect me to live further than about a few, a few days or so.” The growth of her legs outdid the rest of her body until she was unable to walk on her own. She now walk using crutches and drives a special vehicle.

Sellers’ shoes come from a private shoemaker near her home in northwestern England. Her right foot it about 16 inches long and 7 inches wide. Her left foot is a club foot and faces backwards. Shoes fitting such feet have to be specially made and takes several weeks to get the fitting right. They cost around $4000 and Sellers has to raise the money because she is unemployed. Plastic surgery and iposuction have not helped because tissues keep getting bigger and bigger after the procedure.

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