Low turn out California election results. A rough guess for pundits

June 4th, 2008 - 3:20 pm ICT by David M N James  

The little watched California primary election have become every bit the ugly step brat pundits procrastinated. The divided California primaries are making news as the possible deciders as super delegates closed ranks and joined the Obama camp not aware of the damage they were causing to the party. Thousands of Clinton diehards and supporters are swearing to trump Obama with their votes. Thousands others say that they would never vote for Obama - even if Clinton asked them to. The voting trend was similar in many counties like the San Francisco County.

Voters ignored the local polling stations since the contests have lost its heat. Before the polls fewer people were seen around polling stations unlike before. At 8 p.m. only 150 people had turned up at a Bernal Heights polling station at the Back of St. Kevin’s Church in San Francisco, a neighborhood which is revered for its political involvement. “I just didn’t see much reason to vote,” a voter commented in Mendocino County. In San Mateo County, elections official David Tom said that the primary would be a sham since the voters would be just sleep inducing. “The predictions will be a rough guess for the pundits”. Contra Costa County’s county results were not different and the clerks say this was a likely test to evaluate the committed voting citizens.

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