Let’s Celebrate “Odd Day”

May 8th, 2009 - 2:26 am ICT by GD  

An interesting and shall we say ‘odd’ excuse has been found for celebrating the seventh of may! The man to do so is none other than Ron Gordon, the founder of ’square root day’! Gordon is a math teacher from the Redwood City,California and has pointed out that today’s date, written in the American format, 5/7/09, is one among six in this century. Gordon finds the day a perfectly odd, excuse to celebrate the day with some odd celebration!

It is indeed an interesting numerical sequence, but Gordon is so excited that he is actually offering a prize of 5-7-9 dollars for the odd celebrator, one who celebrates the day most enthusiastically or one who gets the most number of people to celebrate it! The details may be found on their website. However the American format of writing the date (month-date-year)is not really popular all over the world.Mostly is is other way round (date-month-year). Even so who would want to lose the opportunity of doing something odd when the prize for the contest winner is 579 dollars! Number lovers at least will surely agree.

Gordon says that’ The previous stretch of six dates like this started with 1/3/1905 - 13 months after the Wright Brothers’ flight.’ Gordon has invented, so may we say the square root day which is 3/3/09. Its not such a bad idea it seems, to do something queer like this, celebrate an odd day with the perfect oddness possible!

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