June 6, 1944: Sixty-four years ago D- Day still remains a legend

June 7th, 2008 - 3:10 am ICT by David M N James  

Sixty-four years ago more than 175,000 American soldiers were willing to venture into martyrdom to liberate Europe. The invasion of Normandy remains a historical event as Americans ganged with Europe to liberate Europe from the grasp barbarianism. More than 6,800 American soldiers out of these are buried at Normandy France. They are dead and less of the knowledge if the purpose of their mission sufficed their cause. They remain legends and the greatest American generation for they proved the renowned fuhrer Adolf Hitler that it is brevity not gunship that assails. These young men stopped and ended Hitler’s purge in Europe. Most of them were merely 25 years old, and they always knew that when the ramp of their Higgins boat was lowered every German gun was already pre-sighted on them. They landed in the beaches of Normandy to this German fire reception and thousands of causalities made these brave hearts fierce liberators of Europe.

The d-day causalities still remain sad stories for the Normandy war veterans who remember how they charged, over mines, through the relentless pounding of enemy artillery, and in the face of non-stop machine gun fire and shrapnel from German units along the coast of Normandy. Its 64 years since then and the memories are slowly fading with time. D-Day, the Day of Days. June 6, 1944: Sixty-four years ago is the day where America’s best showed the world what sacrifice and that liberty and freedom is what is the truly profound.

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