Jesse Ventura and his take on the CIA

May 12th, 2009 - 6:52 pm ICT by GD  

Jesse Ventura For those people who do not know who Jesse Ventura is, he is the former governor of the state of Minnesota, a Demolition Expert, and ex Navy Seal Veteran in Vietnam, one of the most prolific speakers for the 911 truth about recently has authored the book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me.”

Jesse, in his recent video release has disclosed the fact that, during his term of office as the Governor of Minnesota he was questioned by more than 20 agents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In the video he has suggested that the CIA agents continue to violate the constitutional laws in order to spy and to have a control over its own US Government and the American citizens as well.

Jesse Ventura has stated that despite the Agency’s mission statement, according to which they are not to carry out their operations within America, Ventura had embedded a number of agents from the CIA operating at top level positions of the Minnesota State Government. In the video he has further stated that on the retirement of certain CIA men, the authorities of the Agency would have already chosen the replacements for him.

In the video, Jesse Ventura talks about the following:

* The implantation of the CIA agents in the State Government.
* Him being interrogated by 23 CIA agents, when he was serving his Governor’s term.
* And finally he also talks about how he was followed by the CIA men, when he was on an official visit to Cuba.

The Jesse Ventura Larry King Video

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