Jack Alderman executed by lethal injection

September 17th, 2008 - 4:00 pm ICT by David M N James  

Jack Alderman, the state of Georgia’s longest-serving death row inmate was executed for the murder of his wife. The 57-year-old Jack Alderman has been on death row for 33 years. He was executed by lethal injection at 7 p.m. (0000 GMT) at a prison in Jackson, Georgia. This happened after the Georgia Supreme Court denied his request for a stay Tuesday afternoon. Alderman was sentenced to die for killing his wife, Barbara Alderman in 1974.

Alderman died through a lethal injection which took 14 minutes. By the count of the 14th minute, Alderman was dead on Tuesday night. He was calm and composed. He even smiled. Witness described Jack Alderman’s manner as calm, almost serene. They say that his eyes were closed the entire time. For a few minutes before he was declared dead he smiled. None of his relatives attended the execution. Alderman made a statement thanking everyone who made his life better. Alderman declined to make a final comment about his life and the certain death. A chaplain prayed for him, saying at one point “Jack, may Christ … free you from excruciating pain.” Alderman was administered the lethal injection with needles in each arm while he was strapped down.

According to the jail officials, Alderman did not make a special last meal request. Instead, at 4 p.m. Tuesday he was given the regular prison meal of baked fish, peas, cole slaw, carrots, cheese grits, bun, fruit juice and chocolate cake.

He and an accomplice beat her with a crescent wrench, choked her and left her submerged in water in a bathtub at their Chatham County home and the dumped her body in a creek near her family’s home in Rincon with a hope of getting $20,000 insurance money.

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