Indiana Unemployment Rate Reaches 10.6 %

June 22nd, 2009 - 7:25 pm ICT by GD  

Unemployed As recession crashed down on the global economy, the US states faces major unemployment crisis and among the worst hit states is Indiana. The unemployment rate has soared up to 10.6 percent in May with the Kokorno Area in the state emerging as the most jobless region within the state.

There, the unemployment level is 18.8 percent in comparison to the states 10.6 and the nations 9.1 percent. There has been fewer layoffs in the industries dealing with automobile, service and manufacturing. This has consequently brought forward problems between the Indiana legislature and companies, as both stand at an helpless situation. Unemployment, insurance, tax increase are some of the issues that are being considered to be the outcome of these tough times.

This recession has brought a tendency in people to borrow less and saving more. If such situation continues then government official are fearing a total shutdown.The US president shows concern over the problem and admits that though the wheels of economy is sure to turn in coming days, the unemployment toll may rise up to 10 percent. He thinks planned budgeting in healthcare, education and energy is needed so that financial status doesn’t get worse.

The other states where the unemployment has hit quite badly are Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and California. The present scenario has affected volunteers in various spheres,as their number is gradually shrinking. People are heading to earn more money or in case save money to survive in these times. With such adverse effect of recession not faced before 1983, the government and the companies are trying to implement any measures to improve the situation.

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