‘In the name of the father’: Chantelle Stedman baby has new dad

May 20th, 2009 - 7:58 pm ICT by GD  

Chantelle Stedman, the 15 year-old whose pregnancy had created nationwide news and drawn in coverage from all corners of Britain, finds herself in the news all over again. Recent DNA tests have put to rest all ongoing paternity speculations about the identity of the father of her child, dethroning the earlier believed claimant to the fatherhood, Alfie Patten, from his 15 seconds of fame.

Earlier this year, the reports of Chantelle having been impregnated by 13 year-old Alfie Patten had created considerable ripples, with Alfie being touted as possibly Britain’s youngest father. One look at baby-faced Patten, and one was left wondering, how long it had been since he himself had left the womb. The incident received extensive coverage, and roused bemused viewers who couldn’t get enough of child-dad Patten. One interview even quoted him as saying that while it would be nice to have a child, he wasn’t sure if he could afford it, given that his only source of income was an occasional 10-pound allowance that his dad gave him.

Latest reports however serve to put a dampener on the amazement quotient of the situation, by stating that paternity tests have proved conclusively and beyond doubt, that it is not Patten but 14 year-old Tyler Barker, resident of the same Eastbourne, East Sussex locality as Chantelle, who is the biological father of the baby girl Maisie. Barker, claims to have lost his virginity to Chantelle after an episode of drunken unprotected sex at her house. The one-night stand ended in the conception of the baby.

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