Heated Debate Over ‘Racist’ Pizza Hut Receipt-Lawsuit Article

February 23rd, 2010 - 3:20 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Racist Pizza Reciept St. Louis MO, February 22 (THAINDIAN NEWS) In an earlier story printed today, I brought you the story of Karl Mayberry, who has announced plans to sue the Pizza Hut national restaurant chain. The lawsuit stems from an incident where Mr. Mayberry was given a receipt which the Caucasian salesperson had printed “BIGBLACK” on the ticket where the name would normally be found. This is a common habit among people who work in some restaurants, and, as stated before, if a ticket had said, “red shirt” or tall girl” it would have likely gone unnoticed. Mr. Mayberry stated that the fact that it was given to him by a Caucasian on Martin Luther King Day added insult to injury, and his “feelings were hurt”. Although Pizza Hut has given him $50 in gift cards and a formal letter of apology, he feels it is too little too late, and gave the cards to a homeless shelter.

This story sparked a large amount of comments, and opinions on the subject. Many people feel as though Mr. Mayberry is simply after the money, and others do not understand why he is upset at being called “Black” when “Black Pride” is a very vital part of today’s culture in America. Some of the readers simply do not understand why it is wrong to call someone “Black” when they themselves say they are proud of being so? Others agree with Mr. Mayberry and do not understand why everyone cannot see why he was upset. His complaint was not in the reference to his weight, but is a racial issue. It seems to these readers that the lines of racism are getting to thin to see.

One reader, Kellen, saysPeople like this put a strain on race relations. I understand that blacks in America do have it harder than whites in almost every aspect. But have we really come to the point where someone can sue a company for calling someone “Big Black”. I mean where is the racism. I have been called white boy many times and you don’t see me crying foul. It is just an example of an idiot trying to make money off of anything. I think we can all agree that stupid is the same no matter what your ethnicity.

While Mychole had this to sayOkay it is pretty stupid but for the first respondent you need to watch what you say. You have no right to say “They always play the race card”. For one thing it is offensive just to call someone a big black man when they do have a name. Its not racist but it is disrespectful.

Another reader called “JUST ME” made a very valid point, “here’s an idea. how about you give a number to the order and call the number? and if you still aren’t sure…say what the order is aloud? don’t just leave it up to Bradley Simpleton to decide how to describe the customer…ON THE RECEIPT NO LESS!! I’VE SEEN SETTLEMENTS WON OVER DUMBER THINGS. Pizza Hut just learned a costly lesson.

And “Greedy” statedThis guy is just after the money! Pizza Hut has taken corrective action, gave him $50 gift certificates and he still is not happy! He is playing the racist card and suing Pizza Hut just so he can get a whole lot of money! If I get a receipt that said “tall girl” I should be able to sue because women are considered a minority, plus I feel offended when someone refers me to tall. I hate being so tall! This is just so ridiculous! People need to stop taking advantage of the system. I hope the court rules in favor of Pizza Hut.

A reader, named Cynthia made an extremely good point when she added her part opinion to the conversation,”Why does he deserve a ton of money over this? They apologized for a dumb error (why didn’t they just get his name?). He isn’t scarred for life, is he? If we could sue everytime someone hurt our feelings, the only ones in business would be attorneys. If someone put my description on an order instead of my name, it would say short white blond girl. I would think it hilarious. But maybe if the clerk was black, I should have my feelings hurt and sue.

Perhaps one of the most insightful comments of the day, was made by a reader called dfoxMayberry is quoted as saying “especially by a Caucasian”……now, shouldn’t this employee be offended? Seriously, this was a public statement and using that word in the wrong context could hurt someones feelings.
All kidding aside, we’re back peddling America!! Wake up!! These are issues that should have been addressed and solved decades ago. We cannot advance individually or as a whole if we keep focusing on surface detail. Mr. Mayberry may be an overweight african-american, just as I’m sure the employee is a skinny white kid. Both of them have a name, and it SHOULD be corporate policy to learn the names of every single person that comes through that door. It’s just good business and creates repeat customers. When all of us get wrapped up in cranking out numbers faster and faster in the pursuit of more money, we lose focus on the importance of every individual person, thus leaving a wide gap in someone getting run-over.

We are not individual by race, status, skin, gender, religion, etc. etc. etc………we are individual by name, ability, purpose, reason, energy, and what each of us can do to make it a better life for everyone who’s also along for the ride. And that can be as simple as viewing each person you see as an important part your own existence. Mr. Mayberry should quit getting offended so easily, just as Pizza Hut should slow down a bit and treat each customer as the most important person they have as a client.”

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