Giant Nomura’s Jellyfish Scare Rising In Japan Again

July 20th, 2009 - 6:36 pm ICT by GD  

nomura-s-jellyfishThis picture is not a digitally enhanced version but is the original one itself, which shows a diver trying to attach a sensor to a giant Nomura’s jellyfish. This giant species of jellyfish has become the newest nemesis for the fishermen along the water’s edges in Japan and China. For consecutive years since 2005, at this time of the year, the Nomura’s descend upon the large populace living on the sea coast and wreck havoc on their lives.

Japan waits in unspoken terror this year too, for the return of the terrorizing creatures that can grow to be as big as 6 feet in diameter and may weigh as much as 450 pounds. The time at which they descend upon shores is fast arriving, which is giving a lot of worry lines to the Japanese government too. The Numura’s jellyfish gets transported in to the waters of the Sea of Japan along with the sea currents. Their arrival spells doom for the Japanese fishing industry; when they are trapped in a fishing net, the huge predators make their escape by tearing their way through the nest, which jeopardizes the catch. This leads to a drop in the economy of the villages, as often fishermen invest a lot of money in making purchases of the nets.

Scientist believe they originate in the Yellow Sea and other water bodies in the Chinese geographical boundaries. They do not pose any fatal damage to human beings however; reports of deaths due to the stinging of the Nomura’s jellyfish by far has been quite low, adding up to eight till date.

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