Fresh ID Theft in America Attacks The Social Security Numbers Of Kids

August 3rd, 2010 - 7:38 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

August 3, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): It has now been revealed that the most modern variety of ID theft in America doesn’t rely on pilfering your Social Security numbers. Now, robbers are attacking your kids’ numbers long before the child even possesses a bank account.

Countless online businesses in America are utilizing computers to locate inactive Social Security numbers. These numbers are normally allocated to children, who don’t utilize them. These online businesses are then vending those numbers under a different name to enable individuals to institute counterfeit credit and accumulate mammoth debts that they will never pay off.

The powers that be have uttered that this fraudulent scheme could create a new-fangled peril to America’s credit system. The numbers are present in a judicial gray area. Therefore, the federal examiners have not deciphered a means to take legal action against the fraudsters involved.

Linda Marshall happens to be an assistant American attorney in Kansas City. Marshall has articulated that, if persons are attaining adequate credit by swindle, then America should prime itself for an additional monetary meltdown. This con is being referred to as the next wave.

The venders avoid the law by not alluding to Social Security numbers. Instead, they touch upon CPNs for credit summary, credit fortification or credit confidentiality numbers. This is akin to someone forking out cash for an escort service as opposed to a prostitute.

Julia Jensen happens to be a FBI agent in Kansas City. Julia unearthed the scheme while examining a mortgage-fraud case. She has supplied presentations to the lenders across the Kansas City area. This is in order to illustrate to them how trouble-free it is to generate a bogus credit score using these numbers. Julia has asserted that the authorities were endeavoring to make the lenders comprehend the perils.

It is undecided how pervasive the deception is. That is mostly since the scheme is not easy to perceive and is implemented by fly-by-night businesses.

But the trickery is slowly coming into sight as millions of Americans stare at their credit scores plummeting to new lows. Statistics from April illustrate that 25.5% of the American patrons now possess a credit score of 599 or below. This has symbolized them as poor risks for lenders. They will now encounter difficulty while trying to obtain credit cards, auto loans or mortgages underneath the stricter lending principles that the banks now utilize.

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