Formerly conjoined twins get ready to walk

May 4th, 2009 - 11:21 pm ICT by GD  

Kendra and Maliyah Herrin, previously conjoined twins are expected to be walking on their individual feet by the close of summer.

Presently Kendra and Maliyah have one leg each and half a hip. The two 7-year-old twins move around with the help of crutches or by using a walker. However, they have now been given prosthetic legs. They are to learn the use of these starting next month. Some weeks of physical therapy should be able to make both of them mobile. Though conjoined at birth, the two girls have quite different personalities. Kendra is more ready for the new change in her life, Maliyah is however, worried. Their mother, Eric Herrin says that, “Kendra is more than ready. She was really excited to get fitted … Maliyah was crying. You can see the big difference in their personalities.”

The conjoined twins were separated at the Primary Children’s Medical Center three years ago.

About that time Eric had started a book about her daughters. The book was titled “When Hearts Conjoin”. The book is to be released today, and the revenue it generates is to be used for the purpose of the ensuing medical expenses. Herrin says that the book is the story of her family and how they came together in their tough times. Herrin also said that every parent could relate to her situation: “Maybe they don’t worry about life and death like I did, but basically raising your children and just trying to give them the best life possible.” The twins have had about fifty surgeries each including their separation surgery.

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