Former American First Lady, Laura Bush, Hints That She and Her Husband May Have Undergone Poisoning In 2007

April 29th, 2010 - 7:50 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

April 29, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Former American First Lady, Laura Bush, has inscribed in her impending autobiography that she and her husband, George W. Bush, may have been envenomed when they became unwell at a summit in Germany in 2007. This data was divulged by the New York Times on Wednesday.

Her book has the headline, ‘Spoken from the Heart’. It is scheduled to be released in May. Laura Bush has declared that the American Secret Service explored whether the American presidential delegation may have undergone poisoning at the G8 summit.

George W. Bush was compelled to spend a portion of the summit confined to bed.

In line with the New York Times report, physicians ascertained that the then President and his wife had caught a virus.

However, Laura Bush has written in the book that they never found out if any of the other delegations had become sickly, or if theirs, puzzlingly, was the only one.

She has also put pen to paper in the book about a terminal car mishap in November 1963. This was when Laura was 17 in Texas and at the wheel of a car that battered another, the driver of which was liquidated. The dead person was a fellow student.

She has written that she lost contact with her faith that November and did not reclaim it for several years thereafter.

She has elucidated in the book that that was the first occasion when she had prayed to the deity for something. She beseeched to him for something. The plea was that she respectfully begged to God to salvage the life of the injured victim. But the injured victim did not survive. She has written that she felt as if no one had listened to her sincere plea.

The book of Laura Bush is also dedicated to refuting the detractors of her husband. She has referred to the discourteous observations against her husband by the Senate Democratic chief, Harry Reid. She has described those remarks as unwarranted and lacking refinement.

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