Five Connecticut members of white supremacist group indicted for weapons charges

March 23rd, 2010 - 3:21 am ICT by BNO News  

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT (BNO NEWS) – Five members of a white supremacist group of Connecticut were charged with seven counts of conspiracy and firearms offenses stemming from an alleged attempt to sell firearms and explosive grenades to another white supremacist group located outside of Connecticut, prosecutors announced on Monday.

The five men were members or associates of the Connecticut White Wolves, a self-described white supremacist group now known as Battalion 14.

The individuals charged in the indictment are Kenneth Zrallack, 29, of Astonia, the leader of the group; alexander DeFelice, 32, of Milford, and William R, Bolton, 31, of Stratford, both members of the White Wolves; Edwin T. Westmoreland, 27, of Stratford, who allegedly participated in some activities of the supremacist group; and David Sutton, 46, of Milford, an associate of DeFelice.

“The charges in this indictment allege that a group of individuals were involved in the manufacture and transfer of grenades to an out-of-state white supremacist group, the illegal sale of firearms to a convicted felon, and the planning of a gun theft,” said District Attorney Dannehy.

An individual, identified as Witness A, participated in meeting and activities of the group. He said he was a convicted felon, a member of an out-of-state white supremacist organization, and that he wanted to obtain firearms.

One count charges DeFelice and Bolton with conspiracy to rob an individual of firearms. They knew that this person possessed a vast amount of firearms he manufactured himself with parts obtained via internet. In January 2009, DeFelice and Bolton planned a break in and asked for Witness A’s help. The indictment does not allege that the planned robbery occurred.

Zrallack, DeFelice, Westmoreland and Sutton were charged with conspiring to transfer rifles and shotguns to Witness A, and to make and transfer explosive grenades to Witness A. The witness told Zrallack that he bought guns, grenades and bulletproof vests from DeFelice. Both agreed that part of the proceeds should be conveyed to Zrallack.

In late December 2009, DeFelice, Sutton and Witness A allegedly shopped tools needed to make explosive grenades at an auto parts store in Milford. Westmoreland joined them at DeFelice’s Milford residence. Westmoreland and DeFelice extracted explosive powder from shotgun shells. They accepted cash payment from Witness A for three explosive grenades. The packed the explosives in a cardboard box marked with a hand-printed Swastika and an envelope containing money for Zrallack.

DeFelice, Westmoreland and Bolton were also charged with illegal transfer of firearms and explosive grenades.

Zrallack and Sutton were arrested on March 18. Each faces a maximum term of 5 years in prison. Westmoreland was also arrested the same day, he faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 30 years. DeFelice was arrested on firearms charges on January 28. He faces a maximum penalty of 70 years in federal prison.

Bolton, who was serving in the U.S. Army in Virginia, was arrested on March 20 by the U.S. Army, Criminal Investigation Command. He will be transferred to Connecticut.

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