Fern Canyon and its spectacular beauty

April 24th, 2009 - 10:58 pm ICT by GD  

If you have been to Fern canyon then you will surely realize what a great place it is for hiking and othe related adventure sports. Fern Canyon is a very steep and narrow canyon. The name of the place comes from the lush beds of ferns that cover the whole place. The Fern Canyon is located in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, North California. It is about 2 miles South of Prairie Creek Visitor Center.

The flush of green will really come as a surprise to you since you cannot guess the breathtaking beauty of the place from outside. Only after you venture into the canyon, you will feel that you have come into a green paradise. The Fern Canyon can be reached if you start from the beach and follow the creek upstream. Once you cross a few bends you will realize that the canyon gets narrower and narrower and along with this you will also come across more greenery.

Few will know of the fact that Fern Canyon was chosen by Steven Spielberg for his world class film series, Jurassic Park. He used the location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. The place is filled with natural wonders and so the selection of this location to shoot the film should not come as a surprise.

The narrow canyon has been carved by the Home Creek, which has over the eons cut as deep as 50 to 80 feet into the sedimentary soil. There are about five different varieties of ferns and other different kinds of mosses and plants which grow in a lot of moisture.

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