Enter AFS Trinity’s XH-150 mpg Hybrid water ran car! Exit gasoline

June 5th, 2008 - 12:01 am ICT by David M N James  

With everyone seeking alternatives to petrol due to the sharp increase in fuel costs, Belle Vue has come up with a wanton animal that doesn’t really need gasoline. This wanton car as AFS Trinity claims, XH-150 plug-in hybrid can do 150 miles per gallon. This makes the 150 mpg car is sensational, wonderful and enigmatic. The King County is where the company has developed a plug-in Hybrid system which can deliver 150 miles per gallon. The company says it has resolved the battery life dilemma which has plagued the electric motor industry. Governor Gregoire, county and state officials will ride and drive the 150 mpg hybrid car.

The mpg has a specially designed capacitor to store the battery power and pack the punch. This helps the user not to overwork the battery and puts it’s in less stress levels hence optimal performance and helps it last a long time. Analysts are casting doubts on the ability of the battery and say that the 40 mile battery, the 150 mile-per-gallon equivalent and the combined 370 horsepower just won’t fly with Detroit. “When you’ve got a car that is running on water, it is hard to believe that you will go that far without creating some fuss about it” The say. However, the oil crunch, pump prices sky rocketing and recession biting in many forms, the 150 mpg hybrid car that runs on water is just as a good solution to the woes and soon we will have a 300 mpg car, bigger, smarter and more wanton.

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