“Don’t Call Me Liz” Says Elizabeth Becton

June 20th, 2009 - 3:39 am ICT by GD  

Elizabeth BectonHere we go again with another one of those “I am holier than thou” stories. This time the person at the receiving end is the Capitol Hill staffer Elizabeth Becton. Becton is a manager/ scheduler in US Representative Jim McDermott’s office.

It might have been that the lady was having a really bad day and needed an opening to vent her ire on some hapless person. Through an exchange of 19 emails, Becton gave the sender of the emails, her piece of mind; his fault only lying in the fact that he had addressed her with her nickname, Liz.

The sender of the emails had only being trying to arrange for an appointment with Becton’s boss, McDermott. The person at the receiving end of Becton’s cross attitude apologized continuously for his folly, saying that he had heard somewhere that she was known to be addressed by her nickname.

The matter did not end there, with the apologies coming in abundantly and Becton being forgiving enough to let the matter go. She demanded of the victim that he must have doing it just so that he could annoy her. Even better, that he must have been misguided by someone whose sole intention is to irritate her. Becton then went on demanding vehemently that all confusions regarding this matter should be cleared immediately.

Anyone who thinks she goes by the nickname Liz, should be admonished. She accused the innocent man of being rude enough to have called her up while she was away at the restroom and hang up without leaving any message. The man who got to deal with such an irate lady must have been left wondering after all this as to his actual fault at initiating the whole matter.

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