DC Sniper Chillingly Asserts Co-schemers In An Interview With William Shatner

July 30th, 2010 - 7:30 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

dc July 30, 2010 (Pen men at Work): Washington had been traumatized by ghastly terrorist attacks in 2002. Those terrorist strikes were not perpetrated by Mohammedan terrorists but by Lee Boyd Malvo, otherwise known as the DC Sniper. Those terrorist outrages are in the spotlight again. Malvo has uttered certain facts about that terror spree to the actor, William Shatner, on a cable TV special. Malvo has mentioned that two additional males were selected to take part in those lethal assaults of 2002 that eventually liquidated the lives of 10 blameless Americans.

Malvo, who has been convicted for his involvement in those monstrosities, was only 17 years at the time of his incarceration by the establishment. Malvo has voiced to Shatner that the two additional individuals also chosen to take part in the attacks chickened out at the last-minute.

Presently, Malvo is adhering to the prison term of life in jail in a correctional facility in Virginia. Malvo supplied these bits of data via a telephonic conversation with William Shatner. Shatner is the eminent actor, who had participated in the well-known television series of the 1960s, ‘Star Trek’. Malvo uttered to Shatner that the attack was intended to be perpetrated by three to four snipers, who would carry silenced rifles.

Malvo has declared that the assaulters had come with a mission of executing maximum harm. After two males lost their nerve, Malvo was left behind with another assaulter named John Allen Muhammad.

Eight years back, Malvo and Muhammad had terrorized the DC metro area. The two mowed down 13 innocent persons, out of which 10 succumbed to their injuries. Malvo was subsequently detained by the police officers and indicted with manifold massacres.

Muhammad was put to death in Virginia in 2009. The program, ‘Confessions of the DC Sniper with William Shatner: An Aftermath Special’, will be telecast at 10 p.m. Thursday on A&E.

These monstrosities of 2002 devastated the American capital. Individuals were fired at indiscriminately while performing their everyday routines such as pumping gas, acquiring foodstuffs, and traveling to school. The shooters employed a high-powered rifle and opened fire on the victims from the trunk of a customized Chevy Caprice until they were hunted down at a rest stop in Maryland.

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