Darrel Hammond on the restrictions at Beaver Creek Reservoir

May 17th, 2009 - 8:19 pm ICT by GD  

The reopening ceremony of the Beaver Creek Reservoir for Henry County, which now includes various improvements that have been made in the recreational spheres of the man-made lake, took place on 13 May (Wednesday).

The reservoir that lies near the Patrick Henry Community College, serves as the city’s primary source of drinking water. In addition to being the primary source for drinking water, the reservoir is an area for recreational activities such as boating and fishing with the shores providing space for picnics and other forms of leisurely activities. But of course all these delights come with certain restrictions.

The cost, that went into the improvements accounted for a total of about $40,000, which was evenly shared by the both the city and the county as the reservoir is used by the people of both the localites.

Upon the subject of the restrictions have have been levied on the different recreational activities, Darrell Hammond, the lake warden said, “while the water fowl are popular with visitors, feeding them is discouraged for safety reasons. For instance, geese can become entangled in any fishing line that fishermen accidentally leave on the banks, he said.”

In addition to this, Hammond also stressed that in order to ensure the cleanliness of that water so that it is safe for drinking, gasoline-powered boats will not be allowed to ply over the water of the reservoir. “Pets are prohibited from entering the water, and swimming and wading are not allowed, posted signs show, ” added Hammond.

As of the present, Hammond did not have the exact figures on the number of visitors to the lake; however he said that, the lake receives more visitors during the weekends.

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