CIA Initiates WTF, ‘Wikileaks Task Force’, To Evaluate The Harm Produced By Wikileaks

December 23rd, 2010 - 9:07 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

December 23, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): The task force, established to appraise the harm engendered by the exposé of clandestine American ambassadorial cables by WikiLeaks, is abbreviated as WTF. This is the rationale behind the task force becoming all the rage at the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) nerve center. However, the task force has been constituted for another objective. The CIA has initiated this task force to judge the brunt of the disclosure of over 250,000 confidential papers distributed from the American legations internationally. These papers have been seeped out by the divisive whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks.

As per the Washington Post, formally, the working party is referred to as the WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF). Nonetheless, at the CIA’s head office, it is largely recognized by its globally utilized acronym: WTF. Phrases such as LOL (Lots of Love), OMG (Oh My God!) and WTF (What The F**k) are predominantly employed by the transnational youngsters during micro blogging and chatting via the Internet. These phrases are an integral component of the lingo of the members of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. The Post has asserted that the cheek of the abbreviation is justifiable for the CIA as it has been comparatively unharmed by the divulgements of the Wikileaks.

CIA’s bureaucrats have voiced that the agency is organizing a wide-ranging stock of the confidential data, which is usually circulated on a dozen or more networks that attach the agency’s functionaries worldwide. CIA’s spokesperson, George Little, has verbalized that the CIA’s director has ordered the WTF to scrutinize whether the most recent discharge of WikiLeaks’ papers might influence the agency’s overseas affiliations or operations.

The CIA utilizes software procedures to minimize the likelihood of seepage like Wikileaks. Agency systems transport cautions to the administrators whenever a great quantity of information is downloaded. A preponderance of the CIA’s PCs is not prepared to permit the usage of a removable drive. Nonetheless, CIA’s security specialists have worried for years about the repercussions of transporting clandestine data from pieces of paper to digital files that can be circulated online.

Meanwhile, the reserved originator of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has protested that he is a casualty of the malevolent leaks of prosecutors’ files in Sweden, where he is being hunted to respond to accusations of sexual crimes. To ‘The Times’ broadsheet, Assange has complained about the coverage in The Guardian broadsheet, which has an understanding with WikiLeaks for an early glimpse at the trove of U.S. ambassadorial files now being revealed on the Internet. Assange has accused The Guardian of selectively printing portions of the police report, and declared that the matter was bequeathed to the newspaper a day prior to his bail hearing in the preceding week.

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