Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman fired from MSNBC

September 8th, 2008 - 11:36 pm ICT by David M N James  

MSNBC has fired sensational assets and big names n its staff and official list of its un-expendable guys.

The company has fired both Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews. Mathew and Olberman were shown the door in terms of election news coverage. This is due to dissonance and reactions from people watching the MSNBC. Sharp reactions have emerged from the public domain following the sacking. Some people are disgusted by the company and have branded it a simpleton and un-ideological. They have said that the company seems focused to support the republicans and have beleaguered the democrats who seemed to be in favor with the Olberman and Mathew.

Mathews and Olberman have been branded credibility killers ad biased fellows.

Allegations against Olberman seem fairly silly He was ever fired up something and really stepping outside of the normally neutral tone of news coverage.” This was deemed not very convectional. He was not fit for a news anchor or commentator and this was his weak point. His flip side and he exposed himself to criticism. He was ever enraged about the Republicans and always fanatical about the Obama campaign. This made him overtly sympathetic to the democrats.

Mathews was a little not a fool to expose his flip side in such a job. He has been the master of “Hardball” theory of news coverage bringing in every aspect of his time on camera. However, he was often against people of both parties on a regularly. Thos made the two MSNBC reporters liabilities to a company that has been hoping to remain competitive, non partisan and a healthy remedy for American media freedom and distinctiveness.

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